What is it?

A Hide My Subwoofer Enclosure allows you hide that ugly subwoofer in a decorative piece of furniture.  Get the chest thumping bass you need without compromising your style.

Each Hide My Subwoofer Enclosure features…

  • Large Opening on Bottom – Allows the bass to leave the enclosure without muffling the sound quality (specify the size during checkout to match subwoofer)
  • 4 x Isolation Pads – Sit between subwoofer and enclosure to absorb vibrations and provide a soft surface to support subwoofer without scuffing
  • Cord Opening – Allows running audio and power cords to your subwoofer (specify location during checkout)
  • Sound Dampened Interior – Reduces resonances inside the enclosure to improve sound quality
  • Felt Lining – Eliminates rattles between hard surfaces within the enclosure


Do the enclosures impact the sound quality?

It’s difficult to tell the difference between the subwoofer being placed directly on the floor vs being placed within our decorative enclosures. Each enclosure has large bottom cutout to allow the subwoofer speaker to be placed directly over the cutout minimizing the impact on sound.

Do the enclosures require a down firing sub?

A down firing sub is designed to have the speaker facing toward the floor and is the ideal type of sub to use with our enclosures. However, most forward firing subs can be rotated 90 degrees to face down; contact your subwoofer manufacturer on the viability of rotating your forward firing sub to face down when placed in our enclosures. We recommend using Isolation Washers if rotating your sub to avoid scuffing the front of your sub.

Why am I asked for Cord Placement?

The Cord Placement determines which panel has a small 1.5″ hole for cables. Normally, you’ll need an AC power cable and an RCA cable running to your powered subwoofer from your audio receiver or amp.

If you are placing your enclosure against a wall, you will normally want a rear cord placement. If you are placing your enclosure near a sofa or chair, you may want a left or right cord placement.

Why am I asked for an Opening Size?

The Opening Size is the size of the cutout in the bottom of the enclosure. This is what lets the bass out. You want this to be about the same size as the speaker on your subwoofer. Consult your subwoofer user manual or contact us with the make and model of your subwoofer.

Why do I need a decorative subwoofer enclosure?

It just depends on your style. Some prefer to see their audio equipment while others prefer to hide the audio equipment. For those that prefer to hide the audio equipement, our decorative subwoofer enclosures make your subwoofers completely disappear into the decor of your room.

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